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Remix Competition

Remix Competition

Ignite Your Musical Potential & Win!

Welcome to The Sound Fuse Remix Competition! We’re excited to bring you a unique and uplifting contest centered around the single “Can’t Get Enough of You.” Our goal is to create a space for both experienced musicians and young music makers to dive into music, learn new skills, and connect with a community of like-minded creatives. With fantastic prizes, including an incredible first prize of Ableton Live 11 Standard (or another amazing offering from Ableton if you already have it) and a focus on music education, this is your chance to remix an inspiring song and showcase your talent!

What you need to know

Right, so you’ve probably got a few questions. So let’s have a look at those and see how we go.

Key Dates

  • Competition Starts: Thursday, May 18th
  • Submission Deadline: Saturday, June 17th
  • Winner Announcement: (Date TBC but probably early August)

How to Enter

Super simple. You can do it right here on this page.

To join the competition, simply follow the link and sign up to receive the stems. Once you have the stems (which go live on May 18th), let your creativity flow and create your unique remix of “Can’t Get Enough of You”!


A huge thank you to Ableton for their generous support, which has enabled this competition to take flight! The first-place winner will receive a copy of Ableton Live 11 Standard – an amazing prize! (If you already have this, there will be another fantastic offering from Ableton).

We are working hard to expand the prize pool and are continuing to reach out to additional sponsors who share our passion for championing creativity and music-making in our country and beyond. Let’s make this NZ Music Month one to remember!


We’re in the process of reaching out to renowned musicians and industry professionals to be part of our judging panel. Stay tuned for updates!

Terms and Conditions

Yup, we’ve got this all right here for you. You need to have read the full terms on sign up and agreed to them upon submitting your track.

These are here to make sure everyone’s on the same page with how the compeition is working. We want to keep things fair, clear, and fun for everyone involved.

Included in the T&Cs are info on royalties, AI usage, and submissions, so make sure you give it a read.

Contact Information

For any questions or inquiries, please feel free to reach out to us at or do it right here.

Share it on Social Media

Help us spread the word about this exciting remix competition by sharing it on your social media profiles. It’s a competition but it’s also the more the merrier. Let’s show people what a vibrant and supportive music community looks like!